Support Ticket Request

Before you open a support ticket, select the appropriate help button to see if your question has already been answered. Please also review our helpful tips for preparing your support ticket so we can assist you as efficiently as possible.

Helpful tips for preparing your support ticket


Our Technical Support team strives to solve your tickets as quickly as possible. Below is list of common questions our team asks when a support ticket is opened and having this documentation (and other data points, as necessary) in hand will help our team get to the root cause of your issue(s) in a more timely, efficient manner.

When submitting a ticket, please provide the following information for all issues

  • Lab instance IDs for affected users (this can be found on the Help tab of the Instructions pane)
  • Verification of how many users are affected

Information needed for performance issues (ie: slow labs)

  • Are the affected users in the same physical location or are they all working remotely?
  • Are users connecting to the lab through a corporate VPN or proxy?
  • Are users on a managed network?
  • Is the screen going black and displaying a reconnect message?
  • Is the performance monitor topping out randomly or during a specific step?
  • Is a specific VM acting slower than others?

Slow lab or connection issue? "Retry connection" message in the lab or black screen? Please try the following before you submit a ticket

No VPNs, hotspots or proxies should be used.

  • VPN/Proxy: While you can have success with VPN's, they are not recommended as certain configuration requirements must be met to avoid issues properly connecting with the lab: Proxy Requirements
  • Use a hardwired connection: Hotspots, Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite internet are higher latency and can cause packet loss which can result in a poor experience.
  • Review your security programs: Turn off any third party anti-virus programs, pop up blockers, add blockers, Etc.
  • Review your network: Port 443 must be open for inbound/outbound traffic. Additional firewall exceptions may be needed.
  • Re-Set your local Network: Power cycle your modem and router.
  • Confirm your bandwidth: Minimum Speed for labs: 200kbps up and down consistent/1mbps burst Per user.
  • Attempt to connect to the lab from a different network/location and/or different computer.

Important: If the lab is being run through a managed network via your Work or School:  Please review our Connectivity Requirements and have your IT department review all the necessary requirements.


Information needed for lab content issues

  • Module
  • Exercise
  • Task
  • Step number
  • Expected results
  • Error screenshots

The Skillable support team are limited regarding proprietary lab content as we are not instructors/trainers for the labs. While we can troubleshoot issues with connectivity, account logins and platform, we do not troubleshoot content within the lab.  We highly recommend contacting an instructor or your point of contact from whom you purchased the lab when there is a lab step that is giving you trouble. They have experience with the exercises and would be the best resource available. If your instructor or point of contact from whom you purchased the lab can determine this is an error in the platform or Skillable content and is affecting multiple students please have them inform us of the details.


Class/Course Extension:

Extensions can only be granted via the training organization from whom you purchased the labs from. Skillable Support cannot extend these for you. Please contact the appropriate party for any Class/Course extension  enquiries.


Documentation to assist users with a launched lab


If you are in need of support related to Microsoft Cloud Weeks, please refer to our Cloud Weeks support  -> Cloud Weeks Support